Floating Beach Wheelchair

Enjoy the water with family & friends !

WaterWheels® is designed to give users the Ideal Outdoor Experience. With the floatable armrests and tires, WaterWheels® easily transports you from the beach to the water! Enjoy the ocean or pool while relaxing in your WaterWheels® !



Terrawheels - All Terrain Wheelchair

TerraWheels® is designed to maximize your Outdoor Experience.
TerraWheels® is an all-terrain wheelchair designed to provide easier access to all ground surfaces. It safely provides wheelchair users with transportation across areas where a conventional wheelchair becomes unmanageable. TerraWheels® is the ultimate solution for wheelchair users to access beaches, pools, parks, water parks, forest trails, grass, turf, gravel and snow-covered terrains.


Hippocampe® - Beach and All-Terrain chairs

The Hippocampe® Beach & All-Terrain accompanies you through all your outdoor activities.

Versatile and comfortable, it adapts to your activities so you can enjoy moments of relaxation and sharing with your relatives and friends. Thanks to its many options for comfort and leisure, the Hippocampe® becomes a true companion to reach all terrains.


PVC Chair

PVC Chairs - The most affordable beach wheelchair

Our four models of PVC Access Beach Chairs, the PVCBW-2, PVCBW-4, PVCYEL-4 and PVCYEL-2 are very popular among our customers. These sturdy, light weight PVC beach access wheelchairs allow easier access in sand, snow and other surfaces.

Our two models of PVCBW Access Beach Chairs, the PVCBW-2 and PVCBW-4 come with PVC tires “Wheeleez” while our two other PVC models of PVCYEL-4 and PVCYEL-2 come with rubber tires “Sunny”.