Grass Mobility Mat – polyethylene roll

Grass Mobility Mat – polyethylene roll


This roll-out matting system is designed for reinforcing, while also protecting, grass surfaces. This ultra-lightweight (0.21 lbs/sqft) and eco-friendly mat is the perfect cost efficient solution for providing improved access on grass, dirt or snow terrain.
GrassMat® by AccessRec, LLC is a slip resistant, grass reinforcement mesh polyethylene grid for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing which can result in a muddy surfaces incapable of withstanding vehicular or pedestrian applications. After just a week the grass starts to grow through the mesh


Grass Mobility Mat – Polyethylene roll

GrassMat® grass reinforcement mesh is supplied on 6.6’ x 65’, 6.6’ x 33’ & 3.3’ x 33’ rolls in two thicknesses (0.43” & 0.55”) as determined by the application and manufactured from partly recycled UV Stabilized polyethylene (Approx. 20% recycled polymer). A kit contains your GrassMat® with 50 steel U-pins (6.7″ x 2.75″) for installation and 2 straps for storage and transport.

GrassMat® is manufactured from HDPE with recycled content. It has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes.

GrassMat® slip resistant is a cost effective solution for :

• Grass car parks
• Light aircraft taxiways
• Equestrian surfaces
• Grass verges
• Caravan park access and caravan bays
• Front lawn parking
• Pedestrian paths
• Wheelchair paths
• Disabled (DDA) access routes

GrassMat® provides :

• High level of grass reinforcement – up to 8 tons per axle (imposed load)
• Ideal for permanent or temporary applications
• Fast and cost effective installation (0.24 lbs/sqft and 0.41 lbs/sqft)
• No excavation or soil removal necessarily required
• Up to 97% improved slip resistance compared to the standard grass protection meshes